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Koopsta Knicca confronts Three 6 Mafia on FOX News and Juicy J responds

November 09, 2005 – (Memphis, TN) In a recent interview with FOX News Channel 13 in Memphis, ex-member of the infamous Three Six Mafia Robert Cooper, aka Koopsta Knicca, tells FOX that Three 6 Mafia is trying to sabotage his music career. The accusations are new but the controversy comes at no surprise since just last year, as reported on, an on-the-edge airing of Koopsta Knicca responding to a Crunchy Blac diss on underground video show RapTV occurred which caused Time Warner to temporarily pull the plug on all Rap shows on it’s local cable network in Memphis. The shows later returned but were moved from 9 til 11 pm and placed on after-midnite time slots. “I played a big part in getting Memphis on the Map!”, states Koopsta Knicca. “I can’t get Hot 107.1 to play my songs because of them.” Koop claims that Three 6 Mafia pays certain DJs at Hot 107.1 FM, one of Memphis’ most popular and first Hip-Hop radio stations, to not play his music and others. When asked about the allegations, Hot 107.1’s General Manager says that Koopsta Knicca’s accusations are simply far-fetched and says DJ’s don’t get to choose who plays what songs and who doesn’t. Yet Koopsta Knicca still alleges Three 6 is quote “..brainwashing DJ’s in both Memphis and ATL (Atlanta).”

“Don’t get mad cause you ain’t got a #3 record!”, says original Triple Six member and co-founder Juicy J. “Get your stuff together first, then come holla at us.” Juicy J says that their group has never gotten the recognition they deserve and thats what led to the naming of their latest album the “Most Known Unknown” which he says was a successful surprise. Juicy calls the success of the album, which topped the Billboard charts at #3 it’s first week out, a blessing. “Most Known Unknown” (Hypnotize Minds/Columbia) now maintains in the Top 20 with the #19 spot in it’s 5th week on the charts.

Still Koop claims since being pushed out of the group, they have been sabotaging his career for the past 4 years. Though Koop says this has made it difficult for him, it has not stopped him. His third solo album release, simply titled “The Mind of Robert Cooper”, releases November 19th under 40 West Records. Previous releases were 1999 underground release “Da Devil’s Playground” and 2004 release “De Inevitable”. Near the ending of the interview with FOX, Koop tells his fans not to worry because he’s not quitting and quote “You (the fans) are gonna see me bigger than this one day.” The interview ends with Koopsta Knicca holding up his badge to the camera with the words “You Got Koop?”

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