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Koopsta Knicca: A New Man, New Album, New Management

Koopsta Knicca - Feature

Koopsta Knicca reveals to the real story behind his break-up with Three 6 Mafia, how and why he was incarcerated and speaks on his new album and new management.

Beginning as one of the founding fathers of the Oscar Award Winning music group Three 6 Mafia, then known as Triple 6 Mafia, the former Three 6 Mafia member Koopsta Knicca speaks up for the first time with since his run-in with the law in ’06.

In this exclusive phoner with’s Jabari Oliver, Koopsta Knicca goes into the history of Three 6 Mafia, tells fans where and how it all got started; talks about his infamous run-in with the law for an alleged robbery which was highly televised on Fox News and other networks and breaks down the real story of what lead to his run-in with the law and he also reveals what lead to his break-up with his former group Three 6 Mafia.

The rapper also speaks as a man who has gained wisdom from his time of incarceration after mentally evaluating himself and where he wishes to be in the future. Koopsta Knicca goes on to inform about his upcoming album “Da Devils Playground II: New World Order,” and about being under new management with DS Entertainment and more.

Check out the full audio interview with Koopsta Knicca and’s Jabari Oliver.

Koopsta Knicca Interview with Jabari Oliver


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  1. @ Rico Rivers. A Pizza Maker Won’t Talk About An Open Heart Transplant Just A Doctor Won’t Talk About Making Pizzas.

    Most rappers are recycling what they have absorbed from their surroundings.
    It’s not portraying a negative image. It’s entertainment. Muhammad Ali punches people in the face, Mike Tyson, and so forth, but we see it as Sports + ENTERTAINMENT. Just a rap.

    Koopsta Nicca or no rapper walks down the street and just shoot up people.

    It’s entertainment.

    Even down to the kiddie “Rock Em Sock Ems”

    So Koopsta Nicca doesn’t represent negativity…he represents a brotha with a message to share. He represents music. Music is life, so he represents life.

    He makes people move their feet.

    @ the cut of his beard.

    For anyone to be original, the simplest way is to be yourself. And he is doing simply that.

    Keep on rockin Koopsta!

  2. Very good interview. The Brotha, Jabari asked some real questions. He got right to it. Also, I must say that in order for Koopsta to come out and be “original” it has be more than just the cut of his beard. How about this one? Try a rap song that does not project the image of a negative black male or a rap song that does not cuss Black people out and disrespect our race. Koopsta, this would be very original in the rap game.

    Rico Rivers
    Tha Mayor of North Memphis

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