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Kia Shine Responds To Three 6 Mafia’s Diss Video; Rapper’s Ready To Move Forward


Kia Shine has responded to regarding the recent captured video showing the rapper being dissed by DJ Paul and Juicy J at the ‘Last 2 Walk’ autograph signing in Memphis, TN.

As recently reported on, in a video caught on tape at the Three 6 Mafia’s autograph signing for the album “Last To Walk” at the Cats music store in Midtown Memphis, TN this past weekend, words were traded between Memphis rap duo Three 6 Mafia and Memphis rapper Kia Shine. The video starts out with Kia Shine seen standing behind Three 6 Mafia’s DJ Paul and Juicy J who were seated at the autograph table. A few seconds later, you can hear Kia Shine say he was there in support, at which point both DJ Paul and Juicy J gave Kia Shine a handshake as if the longtime feud between the Memphis rappers and Memphis rap, in general, was coming to an end or you could say “a new beginning.” Well, that would be cut short no more than 30 seconds later into the video as DJ Paul called out to Kia Shine as Shine was walking away saying, “When you first started off you did New York style music, and when it didn’t work, then you started doing down south music. Naw you not M Town because you never did M Town music until other sh-t didn’t sell ni-ga,” which was followed by Kia Shine being rather escorted away. All the while, Juicy J was yelling, “Shut the f-ck up!” in the midst.

Kia Shine has now responded to the shocking video and shocking reaction by DJ Paul to Shine’s effort to end the longtime feud that has spread amongst Memphis rap for so long which many rappers and fans have voiced out about regarding it’s ‘crippling effect’ on Memphis rap and the city of Memphis in whole.

When asked about the video that showed Shine seemingly showing support, but getting dissed by DJ Paul, asked Shine the following, “We’re getting contacted by people who seem to be in support of what you looked to be attempting to do last week at the Three 6 meet-n-greet. People are ready to see a change and want to see the city come together… and that’s what it seemed like you were trying to do but it kinda of backfired or maybe that’s not what you were trying to do!”

“That is exactly what I was trying to do,” Shine told “My gesture was one of love not hate. Florida is getting money because they have got together, Houston did it as well as ATL., NY, Chicago and LA,” added Kia Shine.

Shine also made it quite clear that the video was edited and did not show his words of support before the actual incident exploded. “I didn’t like the way the footage was edited, and the position the young lady took who put the piece together. They showed me leaving off the stage after shaking Three Six’s hand and then they show all of the slic talk Paul and Juicy did after I was gone. They didn’t show me making the statement “Memphis Artist Need to Come together” and that I am in support of any artist that is coming out of Memphis that is shedding the national spotlight on our great city,” Shine stated regarding the video footage.

Shine also did not sway from the fact that there has been a longtime feud between Memphis rappers as evident even in a another video which actually shows Kia Shine himself dissing DJ Paul and Three 6 Mafia while on a photo shoot a few years back before Shine was more known; but the rapper clearly is ready to see the city move beyond old feuds.

“Regardless of past issues or beef’s that stemmed over 5 years ago. The bible tell us to Love our enemies and trust me it’s difficult to do when they do things like this,” expressed Shine to “Think about this. The biggest rap record as far as radio spins to come out of Memphis was ‘Stay Fly’ which peaked at #5 on Billboard Singles Charts. The second biggest was ‘Krispy’ [which] peaked at #39. Stay Fly was the first time 8Ball & MJG & Three Six Mafia & [Young] Buck got together on the same track. It took like 14 years for 2 major groups from Memphis to come together and when they did it was #5 song in the country. It was a great look for Memphis and for our state of Tennessee. The state came together. But since then it hasn’t happened again,” added Kia Shine.

The rapper also addressed the fact that other cities and their rappers are coming together and therefore support one another.

“Khaled, T-Pain, Plies, Rick Ross, FloRida, Trina, Trick Daddy do it every other video!!!! How big would a record that featured Kia Shine, Yo Gotti, & Three Six Mafia be for Memphis?? How big would a video that featured Young Buck, 8Ball & MJG, Kia Shine & Yo Gotti and Three Six Mafia be for Tennessee? A great leader leads by example. The example I was setting was Memphis supporting Memphis,” Shine stated in regards to his appearance at the Three 6 Mafia autograph signing.

Though the rapper took a big risk, Shine tells, “Someone has to take the first step,” and that’s just what Shine did.

Although it’s hard to believe from watching the video, Shine states the two (himself and DJ Paul) have actually spoken on good notes before the taped incident at Three 6’s autograph signing.

“I have conversated with Paul face to face several times and I thought we had since moved on from that and I am surprised to see that hate is still brewing,” stated Shine. “They’re Oscar winners, why ACT that way?” he added.

Now with this incident caught on tape of Three 6 Mafia dissing Kia Shine, everyone is surely thinking that Shine will retaliate with something cooked up in the studio, but as stated before, Kia Shine is clearly ready to move beyond old feuds.

“Now in my position I have a decision to make, I could go into the vault and let out songs that will destroy them and hurt them to the core and go streetwars with it, hit YouTube and discredit them on how they have actually switched there style with that ‘Loli Loli’ record or go another route and go completely street with it, but that would defeat the whole point of what I was trying to do, and how would Memphis benefit from that? Or I can continue to take the high road and continue on as if they dont exist and keep making hit records, representing the city and stay in my lane,” Shine stated to in regards to his plans not to retaliate but yet instead to move forward.

While many rappers before Shine didn’t choose other routes, with some rappers regretting it and maybe some rappers enjoying the benefits of profit from the heated hip-hop beefs and battles that sometimes bring more CD sales, Shine is somewhat, in this case, a ‘leader’ in what could be called a new beginning in the City of Memphis whether the beef between himself and Three 6 Mafia, in particular, was ended or not.

“I have family and children that depend on me to do me,” Shine told “When we beef, artists cause the consumers to choose sides when they go to buy, instead of just supporting all of the music. I got into this business to pursue my vision and a part of my vision has always been to see Memphis get its due and to bring the city together. Sooner or later we gonna get there.”

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