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Kia Shine Responds To Three 6 Mafia, "If You Feel Like Ima F-ck Boy, Tell Me To My Face"

In a video response by Kia Shine following his first response issued to, the rapper has now responded to Three 6 Mafia’s diss with somewhat more frustration than before.

In a video response by Kia Shine following his first response issued to, the rapper has now responded to Three 6 Mafia’s diss with somewhat more frustration than before stating, “If you feel like Ima f-ck boy…. tell me that right to my face.”

“You got Obama and Jesse, Shawty Lo and T.I., Buck and 50… I just didn’t even wanna fall in that same range, now you got Kia Shine and Three 6 which is not real beef man when you think about this. When you look at that footage you see that Paul and Juicy do not respond to me in anyway derogatory or disrespectfully until I am away from them.” stated Kia Shine in the response video to the Three 6 Mafia diss.

“When they’re out my swagger distance and when I’m out of ear range to hear what they’re saying, that’s when they start to whoop off stuff mayne. So, it’s like throwing rocks and hiding your hands. If you got a problem with me, you have a problem with Kia Shine… then what you should have done is addressed it right then… if you feel like I’m a f-ck boy, you feel like I’m a h-e a-s n–ga, I ain’t Memphis whateva my n-gga, then tell me that to my face. Tell me that right to my face, don’t wait till I’m like a good distance away from you and out the door, you got security around you to whoop off and all that, don’t do that manye. It make you look a hater, it make you look a f-ck boy, it make you look like a b-tch. Honestly, I just want to say that first and foremost.”

“If you look at that footage you’ll see that when Kia Shine is right there next to ’em on that stage with them, they are not doing any of the thangs that they sayin.. all that “don’t play wit me boy” and all that.. you wouldn’t be doing none of that when I was right there beside you.. ok.. you was ‘grinning, slapping and dapping’ you know what I’m saying. I guess when you’re an Oscar Winner manye, that’s what you are, you’re a great actor… You guys should be setting the example… you’re an Oscar Winner.. act like one! Act like a grown man! You got an issue with Kia Shine with something that I said about you 5 years ago in a DVD, you know what I mean.. we back and forth or whatever mayne, when I see you out, when I see you in L.A., when I see you in these parties, when you see me in Memphis, when I see you out and about at the car wash, when I see you homey, address it with me then. Don’t get on YouTube and act like a YouTube goon or gangster. Handle that when you see me homey! That’s what a real man does,” Kia Shine continued.

“Whether it’s good, negative or positive, niggas just want attention because they no longer have the streets of Memphis with they music,” added Shine.

Though, through the previous statements, it’s not hard to tell that Kia Shine was not happy with Three 6 Mafia’s diss, and specifically that Dj Paul referred to Kia Shine as “a loser” who doesn’t represent M-Town (Memphis) and as a “f-ck boy,” the rapper still did not sway from the fact that other states come together, work together and make money together and it’s what the City of Memphis should do and it’s why he originally came to the Three 6 Mafia autograph signing back on last week which is when this whole old beef between himself and Three 6 Mafia was re-ignited.

“The reason why I came up there is because of the fact that you know Memphis itself has had a long history mayne of artists not working with each other.. you know what I mean.. and that’s been one of our downfalls as a city.. if you see individuals such as Cali, and Flo’Rida, and Rick Ross, and Plies and all these guys down there.. they getting together, they getting this money.. and Atlanta, and you know Houston the same thing and the West Coast do the same thang too.. My whole point of going up there was trying to be a leader.. a good leader leads by example and the example that I was setting was trying to unify my city,” Shine said in the video statement.

The rapper also addressed the fact that he was not happy with the way the footage was “edited and chopped up” or how the “young lady who owns the magazine” that made a comment that he was “coming up there to hate,” referring to Conversation Piece Magazine who supposedly shot the footage.

“That is what’s wrong with Memphis, it’s the ‘crabs in the bucket’ mentality that’s been holding us back for so long.”

The video goes on the address more about his style, how his style isn’t what Three 6 Mafia tried to make it out to be and more.

Check out the video for the full Kia Shine response to Three 6 Mafia’s diss.

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  1. Yo Shine i respect you for being real mane. 36 Mafia they sell alot of records but they don’t have the rite attitude. Look at Playa Fly,Skinny Pimp, Indo G, Gangsta Boo, Chat, Lord, Crunchy Blac, Gangsta Blac, & etc. Good artist that were doing their thing when they were with the group. And Paul them messed these cats over so i really couldn’t blame you homie. Stand up for Memphis if any other rapper want do it mane. Go for what you know if them fools wanna get stupid. Holla at me i been wanted to smack the f--k out of Paul. For the price he gave me for a! And check my myspace page i’m bumping

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