K. Michelle frozen butt implants - real or fake
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K. Michelle WAS NOT Hospitalized After Butt Implants Reached Freezing Temperatures, It’s FAKE!

K. Michelle frozen butt implants - real or fake

Love & Hip Hop star and singer K. Michelle, one not new to controversy or rumors, is again in the rumor pool after news spread on social media sites that the singer was hospitalized after her butt implants reached freezing temperatures during the cold front – the rumor is not true.

The news claims K. Michelle was hospitalized in New York City after her butt implants were no longer responding to any movement.

Known for her voluptuous curves, mainly her buttocks, shared often in some of her sexiest Instagram photos, it wasn’t long before this story spread amongst social sites.

The news seems to have came from the satire site CreamBMP as did another story of Gucci Mane killing a cellmate in jail for trying to rape him and lick the cream cone tattoo off his face while he slept.

Many believed the story to be true, though K. Michelle was not hospitalized, it isn’t real and we’re sure K. Michelle’s butt, as seen in this video, is twerking just fine.

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