Janice Dickinson and Bill Cosby
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Janice Dickinson Alleges Bill Cosby Drugged and Sexually Assaulted Her in 1982

Janice Dickinson and Bill Cosby

When news came that Bill Cosby was coming with a new gig on Netflix, everyone was feeling quite happy then suddenly allegations pertaining to several women, who claimed that the comedian raped and drugged them, made its way center stage during a stand-up gig in Philadelphia.

Reportedly, comedian Hannibal Buress blasted Bill Cosby, 77, and spoke about the 13 different women he allegedly sexually assaulted. Buress guaranteed that you would look for it in the search engine following his gig and said ‘it is not funny.’

Since then, things have been mounting up against Bill Cosby resulting with the re-runs of The Cosby Show getting pulled and his new Netflix gig getting delayed as things get sorted out.

In the midst of this, supermodel Janice Dickinson, most known for her appearance as a judge on Tyra Bank’s “America’s Next Top Model” as well as for “The Surreal Life” and “The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency,” has come forward claiming that Bill Cosby also sexually assaulted her.

The 59 year-old former model says, that in 1982 while she was on a trip in Bali following time in rehab, Bill Cosby gave her red wine and a pill for her stomach cramps.

Dickison allegedly went to meet him in Lake Tahoe and had dinner with Cosby because he said he could help her with her career.

According to Janice Dickinson, she woke up without her pj’s on and recalled being sexually assaulted before she passed out.

Meanwhile, reports are calling Dickinson’s claim ‘foul’ partly due to one of her books where she allegedly wrote that she blew off Bill Cosby when they met and he got upset.

Why is Dickinson saying something now? Dickinson claims she is speaking out about it now after holding it in for 32 years because she wants to help other women.

Since comedian Hannibal Buress brought Cosby’s sex allegations back into the lime light, Dickinson is the third person to have come forward to speak about it.

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