Is Young Buck and Lil Wayne Beefing?

Buck said Wayne stole Cashville’s style with all the Bling, Bling.

Who would’ve guessed Lil Wayne and Young Buck publicly beefing? Remember the 50 Cent song “Fully Loaded Clip” when he said, “When Trina was telling Lil Wayne, ‘I love you, boo’/ She was running games, she told Buck that too.” Young Buck admits that it wasn’t just a hot line, Fiddy was telling an actual fact. As reported on MTV news Young Buck said, “It’s the truth, it’s the f—ing truth! 50 is not f—ing lying. “You want me to tell you the truth? I’mma tell you the truth. I was messing with her while she was messing with Wayne. I would hear him on the phone in the background every now and then while she’s laying right there. She knows it. 50 ain’t doing nothing but speaking the truth.”

With Young Buck and Lil Wayne being so well respected in the South it would be interesting to see who would take sides. Young claims Lil Wayne doesn’t keep it real.

Also reported on MTV news Young Buck went on to say, “Thats my issue with Lil Wayne and all them, Keep it real with the real n—as. You come around stealing our swagger. What y’all see, the bling-bling and all that, they stole all that from Cashville. It’s hard for me to explain all this sh– because they know what the truth is. It’ll get more interesting as it goes.”

Lil Wayne hasn’t commented back yet so guess it is not a legitimate beef.

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