Is the `Queen of Memphis` giving up her throne

Is the media-fan-proclaimed “Queen of Memphis” giving up her throne? Or is the media just once again misinterpreting the words of what could be a simple plan of a collaboration between Gangsta Boo and an un-announced Gospel singer/rapper as Boo has been reported to mention to the media in an occasional interview or visit to the local radio stations or what not? Related [Forum Discussion]

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More Gangsta BooWell, we know that anything Gangsta Boo does or will do, so long as it is bagged by the infamous Memphis producers DJ Paul & Juicy J, will definitely be worth a listen! What could we say if Gangsta Boo did decide to go gospel? I mean some of the greatest music artists in the world who all, at first, weren’t exactly dear angels, have at some time in their life decided to “flip the record” and do only songs which are not all exactly gospel but more heart-felt so why couldn’t Boo do the same. I mean one of Memphis’ own Al Green was not always asking “how to mend a broken heart” or “let’s stay together”. And Isaac Hayes and even Run of the infamous group Run-DMC has “flip the record” with no extreme measures to follow or supreme failure. God Bless America, Right? HELL NAW!!!! Who are we kidding! We living in hell and I feel we need people like Gangsta Boo to stay in the game and keep others aware that this world is not exactly roses and berries! Who in the hell wants to hear that soft sweet nothings when at night we only hear loud gunshots, scorched rubber burns, and domestic yelling and radios pounding our windows from passing cars. I mean I’m not sayin I don’t like gospel, but dayum, let me “flip the script” and give you another synopsis:

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Gangsta Boo Photo GalleryGangsta Boo Photo GalleryGangsta Boo Photo GalleryWHAT IF JESUS SAID, “I WANNA BE A GANGSTA!”

I mean come on folks, let us not kid ourselves, going gospel is definitely not a bad thing but Gangsta Boo going gospel would! And Boo if you are online and you happen to read this then do not take it the wrong way, you are a beautiful lady but an angel you are not! Keep it Gangsta, “boo”, and if you plan to collaborate with someone on a gospel tip then “dat’s cool”, the fans have spoken and they think your best bet would be a duo with R. Kelly, yeen heard!

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