Introducing Nashville’s GodMother Entertainment ft. La Familia, Nina Ross & more

djdax writes “GodMother of Nashville based GodMother Entertainment has her hands in everything. GodMother Entertainment is a multi-faceted multi-media company involved with various areas in Film, Music, Television, Sports & Fashion. The aim of GME is to return to the concept of teamwork via “La Familia” as a unit whereas each member brings a unique talent or piece of the puzzle to create the total picture as a whole so opportunities within the circle are plentiful and everyone is taken care of. Such opportunities available to artists on our roster also include commercial product promotion as well as negotiated endorsements from outside companies creating larger sponsorships from cross-marketing products to create a personality for artists so their marketability value is constantly increasing and becomes virtually unlimited.

GodMother Entertainment also has affiliates within the international market which aids in the expansion of GodMother Entertainment as a brand which houses the ideas shared by many artists world wide which fortifies international relations on a level whereas opportunities can be made available to them as well to garnish exposure in the U.S. through channels. One of their biggest affiliates is Red Mountain Records out of Hong Kong which encompasses a market of 2 billion across ASIA and surrounding countries. The impact of this one woman army has been felt from NYC to MIAMI (Memorial weekend) and now touching down in the Music City of Nashville, TN setting up shop. For those that don’t know who Godmother is, they will soon find out.

GodMother Entertainment presents

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