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Hyon Song-wol, 11 Other Musicians Executed Over Bible & Sex Tape Video in N. Korea?!

Photo of Hyon Song-Wol executed over sex tape video in N. Korea

In a bizarre international story of love, sex, music and religion in North Korea, a singer named Hyon Song-wol and 11 other musicians were executed over a bible and sex tape video. Mass news reports are coming across the wire that say North Korean leader Kim Jong Un ordered the public execution of his former lover, singer Hyon Song-wol and 11 other entertainers after she and they made a sex tape video together and possessed a bible.

Photo of Hyon Song-Wol executed over sex tape video in N. Korea
Photo of singer Hyon Song-Wol

Hyon Song-wol and the others were alleged to have filmed themselves having sex and sold the videos in China and North Korea. The group was also convicted of possessing copies of the Bible – a serious crime in the region.

Allegedly, not only were the almost dozen musicians and Hyon Song-wol, a singer and member of Pochonbo Electronic Ensemble (a North Korean pop group made popular in the 2000’s), executed by a firing squad but reportedly family and friends were forced to watch her public execution.

Members of the Unhasu Orchestra, Wangjaesan Light Band and Moranbong Band, as well as the families of Hyon Song-wol and 11 other entertainers, looked on as a firing squad executed them for their alleged pornography.

The story thickens as reports reveal that the North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un and Hyon Song-wol actually met as teenagers and held a love affair for some time until Kim’s late father, dictator Kim Jong-il, demanded they end the relationship.

Furthermore, Kim Jong Un’s current wife, Ri Sol-ju, once belonged to the same music group, the Unhasu Orchestra, as Kim’s alleged former lover Hyon Song-wol.

Photos of Hyon Song-Wol and Ri Sol-ju
Photo of Kim Jong-un ex-Lover Hyon Song-Wol and his wife Ri Sol-ju

This has led many to allege that the execution was over more than political reasons or reasons of crime.

Photo of N Korea leader Kim Jong-un and wife Ri Sol-ju
Photo of N Korea leader Kim Jong-un and wife Ri Sol-ju

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