Hit ‘Em Up Records presents Conspiracy Clique in ”Kickin Down Dooz”

With an upcoming release party and a new website launch, Hit ‘Em Up Records’ rap artist group Conspiracy Clique are setting up to make their mark in the Memphis rap game with their new album “Kickin Down Dooz.” Originally from Memphis, TN but now residing in Minneapolis, MN, the group says they are representing from the south to the north and back to the south. The group claims the album is “A little 8 Ball & MJG, a little Three 6 Mafia, a tad bit of David Banner, a little Luda, and a dose of Lil Jon mixed together,” but don’t just take their word for it, check out the album samples and see for yourself just what it brings to the table. Download the hot new internet single on entitled, “Nasty Girl” and don’t forget to cop your copy of the CD in stores now.

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