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Believing rewards, and many thank you’s should extend to those who unselfishly help us, help artists bring their music to a great global audience, we’ve integrated an excellent Cash Back For Distribution program where we kick back money to supporters. Members earn 1, and 2 tier referrer commissions, as well as click-thru revenue; therefore, always building their account balance.

We’re one of the first online distributors of fine independent hip hop music to implement a program like this, and as long as we’re operating, we will continue to provide these great benefits to artists, and fans. Our system offers some great features which include, but are not limited to, real time statistics, member administration console, sales commissions, & click-thru payment, 2 tier extra revenue support, full blown reporting system for both 1 tier, and 2 tier sales / revenue, select of text links, image links, rotating banner groups, and product links.

As an added benefit to members earning revenue for their support, they also help us keep most of our services, and resources free, help us help artists bring their music to a greater global audience, and help us fund more projects that will benefit artists, as any revenue we generate goes directly into project funding.

“We’re serious about the distribution business, not as a money grab, but as an effective tool to help bring artists music across the globe. We’re so serious about distribution that if it takes us kicking back all revenue to those who help us distribute independent hip hop music, then we will. Nothing will hold us back from holding ground, and continually advancing as a stronger player in the global distribution business, because its such a great benefit to artists, and some of the projects we’re soon releasing which benefit many artists. We have big plans for distribution, and our Cash Back for Distribution program is just the start. Supporters who sign up will receive 1, and 2 tier benefits, revenue from both sales commissions, and click-thrus, and artists will receive an astronomical benefit from having a huge sales force constantly direct visitors to a reputable online store front where fans can purchase their albums. Distribution for independent labels, and artists means more revenue for them to fund more projects, and satisfaction in bringing their music to a great global audience. We’re here to help, always, and forever.” – Remi Blais, HipHopHotSpot.Com Inc.

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