The Hip-Hop Entrepreneurship Connection


The history of the hip hop genre is an underdog story. Its roots go back to the 1970s where few made it out of tough inner cities to experience a taste of professional or financial success. Those who were left behind had little hope to cling to, but they decided to tell their stories through music and the rest is history. Today hip hop has grown to become an industry that generates billions of dollars per year and the top rappers and entertainers within the game have become savvy entrepreneurs. This transition happened because as unlikely as it seems, the connection between the world of hip hop and the realm of business is quite strong. Here’s why hip hop became such a big money maker.

1. The earliest rappers had a relentless belief in themselves.

Based on the climate in the music industry alone when hip hop first made its debut, it should’ve failed and quickly faded into memory. Seriously, most people who heard the first rap tracks would’ve sooner guessed that one day online casino All Slots would exist before they’d think rap music would hit the big time. However, the rappers who paved the way didn’t listen when they were outright rejected by radio stations and record labels. They felt they had something to offer the world and they made sure the masses heard what they had to say by any means necessary. Much like a startup that faces fierce competition and has no media or backers in its corner, rappers have often had to stand on their own and make their way from the bottom up.

2. Hip hop presents a truly unique product to the market.

Try to think of a music genre that’s similar to rap and hip hop, and you won’t be able to because there’s truly nothing else like it. By coming out with such a new sound and way of creating music rappers took a huge risk, but they also distinguished themselves from all other artists that were already in the industry. When you come up with something innovative and off the beaten path, you have a higher chance of succeeding in business and in music.

3. Rappers became their own gatekeepers.

In the music industry there are tons of gatekeepers and tastemakers whose jobs is to influence the public and tell them what they “should” listen to. The same goes on in business, including physical versus virtual casinos such as All Slots online casino. However, those entrepreneurs who are able to buck the system and do their own thing by their own rules tend to do well. This is exactly what rappers do. Instead of working to be accepted by the mainstream, they built their own network of fans and supported their own efforts.

4. The hip hop industry legitimized itself.

Even today, decades after hip hop got its start, it still has plenty of critics who question whether anyone should even take the genre seriously. What do rappers do? Ignore the noise and keep on making the music they want to put out while pleasing their fans. Tough minded entrepreneurs who know how to let doubts roll off their backs have greater success in their endeavors, which is why hip hop has flourished in the face of exclusion from the music industry at large.

5. Rappers are excellent salespersons.

Let’s face it, the allure of hip hop and rap music boils down to its image. It’s gritty, glamorous, flashy, and people are intrigued by the illusion of such a lifestyle. Rappers sell that to the masses with their lyrics and the way they present themselves, which sells records. And for those who don’t have a huge following, they literally become salesmen and hit the streets to hawk their music. That’s true determination and entrepreneurship.

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  1. I’m from the time when Hip Hop was without EXPLICIT LYRICS ,why the profanity and the degradation of women?

    Ronnie walk down the streets with 3 generations of wemon in your family of any color and to hear them rendered to as B-----s and H--s?

    Why N---a? Wether it has a different meaning or not from N----r our kids are running around calling each other by that tittle and it’s ok?

    A lot of Therese rappers are ex Drug Dealers, some still in the game, yet their lyrics still speak about selling drugs,or about how much material goods they have?

    What has happen to the art?

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