Soulja Boy streaming on Trovo

Soulja Boy Joins Streaming Platform Trovo, Announces New Album + $2K Halo Tournament

Rapper Soulja Boy started streaming on the platform a few days ago, making him the first well-known celebrity rapper on the platform.

If you aren’t aware, at the end of last year, the rapper was banned, unbanned, and then banned again on Twitch.

It is unclear what may have caused the ban.

There was speculation that he was going to launch his own platform, but it seems that he made his way over to Trovo owned by video game publisher Tencent Games.

The rapper seems to be enjoying his time on Trovo and even had the opportunity to interact with some of the platform’s top streamers and content creators.

On today, the hip-hop artist informed fans that he has been working on new music and is set to release a new album on his birthday, July 28th.

In addition to all this, he announced that he has partnered with Z League for a Halo Solos tournament, Soulja Solos, with a $2k prize pool.

Players will have a chance to play against Soulja Boy on the battlefield this weekend (June 25 at 7pm ET).

Soulja Boy is expected to be back streaming later today on Trovo after filming a music video.

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