Rapper Lil P-Nut To Be Voice Actor Of Gerald In New ‘Hey Arnold: The Jungle Movie’

Lil P-Nut Hey Arnold move voiceover character

Nickelodeon is returning with the animated cartoon “Hey Arnold!” as a movie and 13 year-old Memphis rapper Lil P-Nut born Benjamin Flores, Jr. has gained a role as Arnold’s neighborhood friend Gerald.

The cartoon series which ran on Nickelodeon from 1996 – 2004 will be bringing back the original cast of the Nickelodeon series.

The new upcoming cartoon will be entitled “Hey Arnold!: The Jungle Movie” and will include some of the original cast members such as Arnold’s voice actor Toran Caudell aka Lane Toran, Francesca Smith as Helga, Nika Futterman as Olga, Dan Butler as Mr. Simmons as well as voice actor Jamil Walker Smith who originally played Gerald.

Now adult actors, Toran Caudell and Jamil Walker Smith will be voicing new characters in the movie “Hey Arnold!: The Jungle Movie.”

Meanwhile, Lil P-Nut will be the new voice actor for Jamil Walker Smith’s character Gerald who starred as a street-savvy kid that acted as the leader of the group and told urban legends on past episodes of the television show.

“Hey Arnold!: The Jungle Movie” will pick up from were it left of in 2004 and is scheduled for release sometime in 2017.

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