Nicki Minaj VMA Genise Ruidiaz

Nicki Minaj’s Snake Bitten ‘Anaconda’ Dancer Speaks On Incident

Nicki Minaj VMA Genise Ruidiaz

During the rehearsal of Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda” performance for the 2014 VMA’s, one of Nicki Minaj’s dancers was bitten by a snake.

The dancer Genise Ruidiaz has shared the gruesome details of when she was bitten during their rehearsal performance.

Ruidiaz says that the snake or, in her words, “reptile” with all his muscle wrapped his way around her body during practice.

The dancer says it was an insane feeling and at the same time an incredible feeling that she was comfortable with performing.

She describes practicing tricks with another contortionist as they were coming up with different poses with the snake.

It was around the fifth time trying a different pose when Ruidiaz says the snake felt as though it was getting tired of holding on and that’s when Ruidiaz tried to adjust herself before one more trick and the snake took a nice bite out of her left arm.

Fearing at this point for her life, she describes thinking about controlling her breathing to keep the snake calm so that he would let go of her but she says the snake kept holding her with his mouth around her arm for dear life.

Even though the whole ordeal took around 45 seconds, Genise Ruidiaz says it felt like an hour.

Even after her incident, the dancer and contortionist says she would be glad to work with them again, including the snake.

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