New Twist To Story of Memphis Rapper Blac Youngsta and Wells Fargo Bank

Blac Youngsta arrested at Wells Fargo Bank

Memphis rapper Blac Youngsta can give a hoot after what took place when he was trapped in the midst of ‘they said versus I said’ when media ran off with the story of the rapper being held outside Wells Fargo Bank in Atlanta on last Friday.

Atlanta police were called to the Wells Fargo Bank were a man was allegedly trying to forge a check and Blac Youngsta was there at the same time to withdraw $200,000 in funds.

Black Youngsta was arrested and handcuffed along with his entourage which his manager managed to get a snapshot of.

It was claimed that Blac Youngsta only had in his possession $70,000.

When the news hit, Wells Fargo spokesperson Crystal Drake, told media that Blac Youngsta never entered their establishment or made a withdrawal.

It was found out there was an alleged mix-up and the alleged tipper provided the wrong description to police.

In the statement released by Wells Fargo it stated that Blac Youngsta didn’t hold an account at the establishment and he proved it to be false.

Blac Youngsta born Sammie Benson released a screenshot of a letter from Wells Fargo which mysteriously notified him they would be closing his account.

Things that make you go hmmm.

So what did Blac Youngsta do? He took a Snapshot of himself at Bank of America saying he is taking his talents elsewhere.

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