Memphis Rapper Young Dolph Reportedly Court-Ordered to Mentor Delinquent Youth

Young Dolph mentor white teen

Memphis rapper Young Dolph seemed to have been enjoying some down-time after he reportedly was court ordered to mentor a troubled white teen instead of getting probation, jail time or paying a fine.

According to the rapper, the judge ordered him to spend 24 hours with the young teen to possibly steer them both on a better path and stay out of trouble.

Why them both you say? Based on Young Dolph’s posts, after pairing up with the teenager and bringing him to his luxurious crib, the teen asked him about taking him to his other home aka the ‘traphouse.’

It’s almost like watching a scene out of the 2006 movie Idiocracy.

Why on earth would the teen believe such a thing? Maybe because Young Dolph raps about it in his lyrics and his persona may show otherwise.

We’d love to know too why the teen thinks Young Dolph has a traphouse.

Allegedly the teen’s mom said he had been skipping school and stealing.

It makes you wonder if the teen learned anything from Young Dolph and what lesson did he learn.

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