Chris Brown and Kagney Linn Karter

Porn Star, Model Tweets Alleged Naked Photos Of Chris Brown On Twitter

Chris Brown and Kagney Linn Karter

A model and porn star by the name of Kagney Linn Karter took to Twitter and tweeted alleged naked pictures of Chris Brown’s p---s after a rant with the popular singer and rapper.

Karter alleges that Brown paid for her to be his escort but then believed sex was included with the deal.

Karter claims when she refused sleep with Chris Brown in their $2500 deal, he started bullying her online.

Kagney Linn Karter herself posted tweets calling Chris Brown a “woman beater” who she would never “f--k” adding that Brown was “pure evil.”

Following her tweets, Karter posted an alleged picture of Chris Brown on her timeline which was soon deleted as well as the account itself.

TMZ claims it was Brown’s legal team that took aim at Karter’s Twitter account causing it to be shut down because, although Twitter allows nudity, Twitter doesn’t allow users to violate other’s privacy – especially with graphic photos of them.

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