Jay-Z and Solange Sex Tape Leak After Singer Gets Married, Story Is Fake, It’s A Hoax

Jay-Z and Solange alleged tape

A graphic alleged sex tape video image has surfaced online claiming to be that of Jay-Z and Solange.

Rapper Jay-Z and Solange are not new to controversy or new to rumors to have been caught being sexually involved.

News broke earlier this year when a video surfaced of Solange attacking Jay-Z in an elevator.

All sorts of rumors circulated following the video of Solange attacking Jay-Z with her sister Beyonce and entourage all in the elevator.

Beyonce later released in a song that ‘of course a lot of things go down when a billionaire dollars is in the elevator.’

Now we come to the graphic video screenshot which had surfaced on social media sites linking to an alleged sex tape with Jay-Z and his sister-in-law Solange after Solange recently got married to her new hubby Alan Ferguson, a music video director.

In short, the story is fake and the video is a hoax just to get users to click to a website that does not take them to a video of Solange and Jay-Z. It is simply another fake celebrity hoax.

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