IRS Wipes Rapper Kreayshawn’s Bank Account At Christmas, Fan Launches GoFundMe Campaign

Kreayshawn rapper

The Christmas holiday is a time that most look forward to but for rapper Kreayshawn it was a wide awakening after her bank account was seized.

Days before Christmas the California rapper’s bank account was cleaned out by the IRS for unpaid taxes that was supposed to have been handled by her former accountant Kevin Foster. Kevin Foster is the same accountant that singer/producer Ne-Yo sued for $8 million.

Ne-Yo claimed that Foster faked his name on loan documents and took his money to invest in a flopping water company.

As for Kreayshawn, she took to Twitter to make her fans and the public aware of what had took place.

Kreayshawn tweeted that she had paid her taxes but the money that was to go toward taxes, the accountant never filed and pocketed it therefore robbing her.

Reportedly, the rapper’s current lawyer was supposed to have been working out a payment plan with the IRS, but it seems the IRS beat them before they got a chance to make arrangements.

Later after, a fan took to crowdfunding to help raise money for her, but the Oakland, California rapper kindly asked the fan to remove it citing that she didn’t “wanna beg for people’s help” adding she was a “grown” woman who would handle it.

Kreayshawn later thanked the fan but asked the fan to please remove the campaign “before the blogs destroy [her] and make [her] feel horrible all over again.”

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