Iggy Azalea Hefe Wine tape

Iggy Azalea Sex Video Tape You May Be Able To Watch, Thanks To Ex-Boyfriend

Iggy Azalea Hefe Wine tape

Want to watch Iggy Azalea’s new sex tape video? Well, thanks to her ex-boyfriend and manager Hefe Wine, you have your chance.

According to TMZ, a lengthy agreement was actually signed by Iggy Azalea which may give Hefe Wine the rights to her alleged video recordings.

It was back in 2009 that Hefe Wine says that Iggy Azalea gave him the exclusive rights to ‘manufacture, sell or distribute or advertise’ ‘any’ recording of visual images of her.

Though likely the deal may have been so that she could record and sell music under his management, Hefe believes the terms of that agreement will allow him to sell the Iggy Azalea’s sex tape if he puts some music with it.

So, does this means that Iggy’s threats to Vivid Entertainment to not release the tape under her name means nothing now?

If Iggy cannot block the tape, we guess that means that the Iggy Azalea scandal video is on the way and hopefully it’s quite ‘Fancy.’

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