DJ Paul cool Tuesday

DJ Paul Weighs In On Project Pat’s Comments On Why Juicy J Is Not Working with Three 6 Mafia

DJ Paul cool Tuesday

Recently Project Pat opened up in a video interview about why Juicy J was no longer working with Three 6 Mafia and now DJ Paul has responded about the comments made by Project Pat.

DJ Paul basically says he hasn’t talked to him [Pat] in years and wonders what happened with the ‘f--k this dude’ talk or whatever.

Speaking on Project Pat’s comments made about Juicy J, Paul admitted that in regard to Juicy J and Project Pat, he still respects them both.

In his interview statements made to HipHopDx, DJ Paul went on to reveal tracks that he wrote and produced for Project Pat including ‘Don’t Save Her’ as well as he co-produced ‘Mista Don’t Play’ along with Juicy J.

Paul added that he ‘physically hand drew and designed’ every Project Pat album cover from Ghetty Green to Layin Da Smack Down to Mista Don’t Play – all of them.

Paul says it was him that drew them on his phone with Pen and Pixel at his mother’s house and faxed the hand drawn pictures to them.

Paul also added that he never was actually looking for Juicy J to work with the Three 6 Mafia reunion although he was constantly asked by fans.

Keeping it ‘100’ in the interview, Paul admits that doing music with people like Katy Perry [referring to Juicy] ‘nobody is going to rush’ into a ‘studio full of those n----s doing cocaine arguing and fighting,’ while he admitted that it is not like that now but that’s how ‘crazy’ the group got 14 years ago.

Last but not least, Paul stated that even though they are not working together, he and ‘the Juiceman’ still talk at least once a month and are ‘good’ although he hasn’t talked to Project Pat.

Paul say he and Project Pat used to ‘talk like they were brothers all the time’ but it suddenly stopped for ‘whatever reason’ but he’s not tripping because he is not someone that needs friends anyway.

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