Bobby Shmurda in handcuffs goes to jail

Bobby Shmurda and Crew Get More Charges, Possibility To Be Released From Jail

Bobby Shmurda in handcuffs goes to jail

Rapper Bobby Shmurda as well as label-mates, Rowdy Rebel and members of GS9, have all pleaded not guilty on over 60 charges ranging from drug sales to murder.

It was back on December 17th when the Brooklyn rapper Bobby Shmurda, who is signed with Epic Records, was arrested on gun possession after leaving a New York recording studio.

Along with gun possession, the rapper was charged with drug possession as well as crack cocaine was found in the car the rapper was in.

Multiple others were charged and indicted on various criminal offenses including assault, reckless endangerment, narcotics sales, weapons possession, criminal use of a firearm and more.

Over twenty guns were seized during arrests that were made after investigators began arresting his associates.

Shmurda and his associates entered a not-guilty plea in the Manhattan Supreme court following news that the rapper avoided gun charges in his multiple offenses.

Meanwhile, sources claim Shmurda may be out of jail as early as next week as his bondsman reportedly plans to put up the money for his $2 million bond to get out of jail.

The rapper and his GS9 crew’s next court date is set for April 22nd.

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