Eve marries Maximillion Cooper

Black Men Outraged Rapper Eve Married White British Millionaire Maximillion Cooper?!

Eve marries Maximillion Cooper

Rapper Eve, former Ruff Ryder and protege of rapper/mentor DMX, is being proclaimed as a sell-out on social media after she got married to Maximillion Cooper, her British fashion designer boyfriend and founder of Gumball 3000 international motor rally.

On June 14, 2014, rapper Eve, 35, and Maximillion Cooper, 42, tied the knot at a beach wedding in Ibiza, Spain.

Eve and Cooper’s wedding has sparked outrage and praise in mixed reactions over social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Black men are claiming Eve, who reportedly use to date producer Stevie J (Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta), has turned her back on good black men by marrying a white man.

Even motivational speaker, entrepreneur and best selling author, Farrah Gray, weighed in on the topic of black women marrying white men in an article titled “Black Men Are Outraged” following Eve’s marriage.

Check out some of the responses from tweeters displaying their public reactions over Eve and Cooper’s new marriage.

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  1. Eve was a little lady with a chip on her shoulder and an attitude to boot. This Englishman tamed her and gave her the medicine she needed now she is fulfilled and will bear his future children.

  2. Sometimes black women are tired of black men and their treatment. You all want to come over, eat, have sex and don’t want to do anything else. The worst thing is that you all admit it. No woman wants to be treated that way. At least she married someone who can take care of her and would be sought after from white women. When black men marry white women, they get the throw aways that no white man would want. Congratulations to you Eve. Does he have a brother?

  3. I think eve married the man she wanted to marry and it has nothing to do with race. On top of that he's a very wealth man. YOU GO EVE

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