Anna Areola-Hernandez 23 arrested lures teen boys for sex
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Hide Your Kids! This 23 Yr-Old Posed As A 15 Yr Old Girl To Have Sex With Boy, 13, She Gave STD!

Anna Areola-Hernandez 23 arrested lures teen boys for sex

A 23 year-old woman, Anna Areola-Hernandez (yes her name is Areola), is accused of posing as a 15 year-old girl in order to have sex with underage boys including a 13 year-old boy she met at a mall in Phoenix, Arizona.

Areola-Hernandez reportedly took the above picture to make herself appear as a 15 year-old so that she could have sex with minors, who she apparently told authorities she preferred rather than men her own age.

The picture came from Areola-Hernandez’ Facebook page which she shared allegedly to lure young boys to her for possible sexual encounters.

After looking at her picture it is hard to tell that the seemingly young girl is a 23 year-old woman. However, looking at Anna Areola-Hernandez’ mugshot, the picture shows a more aged looking woman.

The picture may have deceived one 13 year-old boy, the one she allegedly met at the Phoenix, AZ mall, who she told she was 15 years-old before having sex with the teen allegedly on multiple occasions.

It was the child’s mother who alerted police of Areola-Hernandez after finding out her true age after she had allegedly given the boy an STD.

Anna Areola-Hernandez also allegedly told the teen boy’s mother that she was pregnant and had been communicating with the teen through text where she may have shared sexts with the young boy.

Areola-Hernandez is believed to have had sex with other teens possibly ones she had ‘friended’ and is currently being held in jail without bail on charges of child molestation, unlawful age misrepresentation, sexual conduct with a minor, and an adult posing as a minor for sexual conduct.

Anna Areola-Hernandez 23 mugshot lured teen boys for sex

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