Alexian Lien cornered by group of motorcycle riders after bumping one of them
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Hells Angels Respond To Video of Shocking Biker Gang Attack Of Family in SUV in NYC

Alexian Lien cornered by group of motorcycle riders after bumping one of them

After a man riding with his family accidentally bumped his Range Rover into a biker who slowed down on Manhattan’s West Side Highway, a crew of fellow motorcycle bike riders joined in following a confrontation.

Alexian Lien, 33,  Range Rover allegedly accidentally bumped the bike of a biker which caused fiery amongst the dozens of motorcycle riders, who were all headed to Times Square for a rally. The incident, which was captured on a biker’s helmet cam, shows the confrontation in almost its’ entirety and gives a glimpse of what happened after Lien ignored giving courtesy to the biker on the road.

After the bump, other bikers questioned Lien and waited in the street momentarily as words exchanged. Lien, who may have panicked due to the swarm of bikers, tried to evade them in traffic as his wife and young daughter sat in their seats.

Alexian Lien decided to take off and as a result ended up plowing over 32-year-old biker Edwin Mieses Jr., who broke both legs and is stated to have suffered spinal injuries that may leave him paralyzed.

This may have fueled the mob of bikers more and in-turn resulted in them damaging Lien’s automobile and later pulling Lien from his vehicle and beating him in front of his family.

According to Lien’s wife Rosalyn Ng, they could not have done anything differently she knows in her heart and believes anyone faced with the sort of danger that they believed they endured would have taken the same action to protect their family.

The family reportedly are stated to have been out to celebrate their first wedding anniversary with their baby daughter.

Meanwhile, Hells Angels are angry about the motorcycle gang beating down the father in front of his family and called the behavior unacceptable for taking the law into their own hands.

Hells Angels go on to say there is always a few who end up giving them a bad name.

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This video qualifies under Fair Use: 1.COMMENTARY 2.CRITICISM 3.TRANSFORMATIVE. its NEWSWORTHY with HUGE PUBLIC INTEREST. Another video PART 2 NYC bikers vs TOYOTA PRIUS ◄ LESSONS YOU CAN LEARN BOTH FROM BIKER & 4 WHEELER FOR 4WHEELERS: Let the bikers pass in front of you. They are faster than your car.

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