Happy New Year’s.. Closing The Doors on 2001?

When most people think of a New Year, they think of a party and a new beginning; well I think that is a bunch of crap! Yeah yeah, it’s a new year but why a new beginning. Think about it, if you were to start over every year then when would it end and when would you ever become satisfied with what you accomplished in the past, because you would only have one year to look upon. Nah, that’s not rite!

I think a new year is definitely a cause for celebration but not a new beginning. Look upon every year as another year and things will seem just a little bit different. Ask yourself this..

# When was the last time you made new friends?
# When was the last time you went out on a date? (even if on a date with your married spouse)
# How many bills have you added on this year?
# Where are you gonna be next year?
# Who got love for you?
# What did YOU do for YOU last year?

hmmm…. well happy new year everyone.. from your friends at!

BTW: Beale Street and the whole downtown was crunk last nite and if you were there then you know what I mean. Memphis knows how to party like no one else ya heard!

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