Half True, Half Fake.. I Think This Will Set It Straight


There’s alot of rumors going around all over the U.S. about Lady Boo! But why?

In Memphis, Lady Boo was recently on a local radio station letting everyone know about her change in her music, her life, and her name. Boo was asked if she turned gospel and her reply was, “No!! I am not a gospel singer, but I would love to do a song with Mase”. (If you didn’t know, Mase is a rapper turned gospel singer). Then she went on to say she is doing a song with a famous Pop group, but never said who…

A few days ago MTV announced that Lady Boo dropped from Three 6 Mafia, and wasn’t planning on being on Three 6’s next album unless they put a song that she’s already recorded on the album…

MTV also said that Lady Boo found God and has matured in her music….


But the remaining members of Three 6 (Dj Paul, Lord Infamous, Juicy J, Crunchy Black) were on a local radio station and they too announced Lady Boo dropping from the group and also said she is officially a gospel singer…. So there you have it….

Its official.. Lady Boo is a gospel singer/rapper there is no mo Gangsta Boo…. But a future for Lady Boo.

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I own Crazy Lady Records with her & they mention me in the MTV article; from this point on, the record will be straight…

SHE IS NOT A GOSPEL RAPPER!!! She has just done what alot of rappers need to do: CLEANED UP HER ACT. Now some might say that by doing so she is not keeping it real with the street. That is your opinion if you feel that way. But the reality of it is that the streets need to keep it real with themselves and realize that there is another AVENUE that you can take instead of just staying in the same spot. For example, you might be selling drugs in your community to put food and clothes on your kids back; I aint knocking nobody for taking care of home cause that is what one is suppose to do. You as a person choose how you want to do it & that is what you have to live with if it affects some one else. But understand, that you don’t have to sell drugs your whole life, one should always strive for something in there mind that is higher than where they are in life at this moment. You as a individual; that is your choice, so you have to live with it but as long as your trying to get better in your mind then you will be ok. That is all that she has done in her mind. The music that she was doing was putting food on her table, but she feels that it can be better, & that it can do more than that. Maybe her music can reach some body else to inspire them to get on another level in there mind to do something better.

KEEP in MIND young ones, and ones who view this Great Web Site, that music is not all about Bling Bling and What Car you’re driving and Who you sleeping with or how much dope you smoke; its about more than that. If you like to listen to that, that’s cool too; if that’s what you like to hear. But understand, that is not what it is all about. Music is always changing; Music is change. It never stays the same; it changes with the times. The time that the world is in now needs a change; there are a lot more issues outside of the hood affecting the hood right now affecting the streets and these issues should be brought out and dealt with on a broader platform which is music. She is just in the Middle of all of this and is in my eye leading the way for many others to come. Is it Gospel? NO. Is it Street? NO. Is it Gangster Rap? NO. Its Lady Boo. Its her music. Its her change; there is no side. So you as a fan and as a listener, don’t make one; and you as a hater, don’t create one. Just let it be.

I hope that the music that we as a label put out in the near future will help you better understand where we are coming from. We are not saying that you can not have a good time, and we aint pushing gospel rap right now nor are we knocking it. We are just keeping it real with you and staying real within our selves. I can sale you a dream and you can dream about it, but I can give you reality and you can live it. It’s up to you. You can keep wasting your money on false dreams or you can take reality for free which is what you live in everyday. I hope this sets the record straight.

I want to thank the owners of MemphisRap.Com for giving me the time to share this with you. YOU HAVE A GREAT WEB SITE, THE BEST IN TOWN. I also want the public to go out and pick up KREEP, then STANG presents THE LOST ARTICLES; it is an EP that we are pushing right now exclusively from CRAZY LADY RECORDS featuring the hit single “SHOW SUMTIN”. Call the stations & request it at MEMPHISRAP.COM.



I’m OUT !”

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