Gospel Rap, Holy Hip-Hop, praisin’ GOD in a new way

After the madness that went down at Crunk Fest, it’s really time for some Rap/Hip-Hop that kids and their parents can listen to. Lets be real with ourselves, we gettin tired of hearing about drugs, violence, and other negativity in the Rap music ya’ll. To be honest it’s gettin old. When you hear artists like Yo Gotti and other artists its cool, but what about the spirits that dwell inside of these artists? GOD has blessed every one of his children with 10 talents. What we do with them is our own freewill. But if you are not praising the Lord with your gifts, who you praising? You can’t serve two GOD’s, that’s crazy. I thank GOD for the move thats about to happen in Memphis. Gospel Rap, Holy Hip-Hop, music that’s magnifying the Lord our Father. It’s something not only kids can enjoy, but also the parents. Now some of ya’ll gone feel this and some won’t. But GOD put us on this earth to serve him and not Satan. When you are listening to Hot 107.1, the spirits in the music manipulates your minds to go and act like a song says. That is why them kids acted the way they did at Crunk Fest. Like little devil’s inspired by the enemy’s music.

The devils duty is to kill, still, and destroy and the Bible says that so when you smoking your blunt, having premarital sex, or doing anything that’s not of GOD, what you think the devil is doing? How do you think that makes your Creator feel? Don’t feel bad or convicted cause Jesus died for our sins so that we may have a second chance and repent. Aren’t you glad our GOD is a forgiving, merciful, and understanding GOD?

Be looking out for some Holy Hip-Hop acts in the city of Memphis to change the Rap game totally. Its time to get CRUNK for JESUS people you still have a good time listening to Gospel music. Until then, God bless ya’ll and stay encouraged, stay strong, and stay focused. Try listening to Hallelujah 95.7 FM sometimes. Don’t be ashamed of the gospel.

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