Gitt’it Right Entertainment is back in full effect, better, and giving thanks

Snypar writes “I started out as a member of I created my own lil’ underground community with a lil’ help from, but it’s something on a whole different level. It’s not like I thought it would ever be. Everything there is FREE to me and good for viewers. Gitt’it Right Entertainment is now back and up running again. It was first me and a crew of so called friends. Now its just me. I’m keepin’ it Blackhaven fa’ ya’! Doin’ it better then ever. Come an check me out and even join as a member…..

Gitt’it Right Entertainment & Gitt’it Right Associations, is a web based internet entertainment bringing you all of your entertainment & marketing needs. Specializing in: Graphic designing, website designing & layouts, custom banner designing, studio rental, advertising & marketing of all sorts, creating special banner exchanges, filming, music, internet collaborating, and more. Gitt’it Right Graph-X, brings you the imaging powerhouse of Gitt’it Right Graph-X using only the best high quality application , magazine covers, image editing, CD cover layout & poster layouts (any size), shopping/mall, urban clothing, communications, you can even post your products at my upcoming E-Mall, and much more.

Gitt’it Right Entertainment was just a few pictures when I first started it. I’m now learning as I go an enhancing my skills as I go. I never thought I would come up with such a great website with allot of viewers. I’m only allowED to get a certain amount of space with Yahoo’s Geocities and they send me emails all the time about my heavy traffic. Things now gittin’ outrageous! Thanks to

I brought myself to the internet on a whole different era then I am now. It’s now my business. It’s something I plan to make better as I go to satisfy my viewers. Only some of the best in internet world and even whats out on the streets. I got it fa’ ya’! I’m starting young (18 yrs’ old) to get myself more established as I get into this internet entertainment world. I posted this message to get you people/folks to come and check it out and see what’s crackin’! And as I would always like to say…. “Thank the staff of for turning my head to this direction when I wasn’t lookin’. Now I’m looking the same direction wit’ headlights on! HOLD it tight and I’ll continue to be a member of as it exists….

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