14 year-old teen stabs 11 year-old sister 40 times Chicago, Illinois
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Girl, 14, Snaps & Stabs 11 Yr Old Sister 40 Times For Feeling ‘Unappreciated’

14 year-old teen stabs 11 year-old sister 40 times Chicago, Illinois

A 14 year-old Illinois girl in the small Chicago-area community of Mundelein has left many people in disbelief after she allegedly stabbed her 11 year-old sister to death.

The 14 year-old teen allegedly got a kitchen knife, barged into her 11 year-old sister’s bedroom as she reportedly lay asleep and stabbed her repeatedly.

The 11 year-old was stabbed reportedly over an estimated 30 to 40 times by her older sister – at least 30 times across the chest, neck, arms and torso while also slashing her face at least 3 times.

The 14 year-old, according to authorities, was doing all this with each stab wound, saying to her sister that she was not thankful of what she (the older sister) had done for her.

The disturbed teen ‘felt unappreciated’ so she decided to go on a murderous rampage killing her young sister.

After her heinous act, the teen washed the blood off, called her mother and made up a story that it was all done by some man whom she woke up to and saw stabbing her sister to death.

After detectives arrived and discovered strands of the sister’s hair in the victim’s hand, the sister admitted to her brutal crime.

It seems the details of the girl feeling unappreciated by her younger sister derived from the 14 year-old cooking dinner 6 nights in a row while doing other chores, and for some reason getting into a fight on Monday night, which ended in the younger sister hitting her.

The next morning is when the older sister seemingly snapped leading to the death of her 11 year-old sister, Dora Betancourt.

The 14 year-old was arrested and charged with first degree murder and the courts are now deciding whether to charge the 14 year-old as an adult.

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