Gas Prices May Rise To $5? Disturbance In The Middle East To Blame?!

Gas prices are possibly going up to 5 dollars a gallon and it’s being blamed on the disturbance in the Middle East?!

Gas prices are steadily rising allegedly due to the unrest in the Middle East. The price for gas is already up to near $4 a gallon in California.

The rise in the prices are causing many businesses to move closer to their customers. It is also causing many people to find alternate forms of transportation.

Economists are saying not to expect a drop in the price for gas anytime soon. They also say that there is nothing we can do for the short term.

The fact that the Middle East, our reported number one oil providers, are having many problems within their own countries isn’t helping matters any.

If the turmoil spreads to Saudi Arabia, we all might as well park our cars and trade for bicycles or fuel efficient vehicles and public transportation.

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