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Gangsta Boo Says Juicy J Is Still Holding a Grudge Against Her, Confirms Ghostwriting

Gangsta Boo Juicy J Grudge

Memphis rapper and former Three 6 Mafia member Gangsta Boo has broken silence about her relationship with one of her former group mates – Juicy J – claiming that he is still holding a grudge against her, years later.

In an interview with VladTV, Boo claims that she hadn’t seen her former group and label mate Juicy J in 10 years but decided one day to attend one of Juicy J’s shows, which he was holding in Memphis.

Boo says she felt is was cool, she was in Memphis, her friends told her about the show and Juicy J had actually had good words about her in an interview when asked about her recent feature with rapper Yelawolf.

Still, Boo claims as she was backstage at his show, where other Memphis rappers like Don Trip and others were attending, she was approached by someone claiming that Juicy J didn’t want her backstage and only wanted his family and friends backstage.

Boo says this shocked her, and even shocked Don Trip who was right there at the time when the person came to tell her what Juicy J said.

Later in the interview, Boo also reveals that she knows the person who did ghostwriting for Juicy J’s latest big hit “Bandz A Make Her Dance.”

As reported on recently, a Memphis rapper named YoYo Munie claims he was ghostwriting many of Juicy J’s songs including his hit “Bandz A Make Her Dance,” but was upset that Juicy J reneged on his part of their deal to ‘put him on.’

Although Boo claims Juicy J shunned her (at his show), she still gave Juicy J the credit of being a talented businessman, who ran Three 6 Mafia which spun them but she simply is surprised that he still holds a grudge while other former (Three 6 Mafia) group members have ‘cordial’ relations.

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