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Gangsta Boo Drops New Video Blog ‘F-ck Boy’ ft. Drumma Boy

Gangsta Boo reveals in her new video blog entitled “F-ck Boy” that she has love for Young Jeezy, she plays a little bit of Piano, and she’s still working in the studio on her new album project, entitled “Forever Gangster.”

As recently reported, Boo recently released a new single entitled “F--k Boy” featuring production by Drumma Boy.

Beginning as the only female member of the Memphis, Tennessee-based rap group Three 6 Mafia, Boo has dropped three solo albums “Enquiring Minds,” “Both Worlds *69,” and “Enquiring Minds II: The Soap Opera” and two mixtape albums “Street Ringers” and “Still Gangsta” since her break up from the now Oscar Award Winning music group Three 6 Mafia, then known as Triple 6 Mafia, back in the 90’s.

Since then Boo has appeared in the news as newly associated with the new Prophet Posse but has mostly appeared recently for her association with the production brand Drum Squad, founded by music producer Drumma Boy who hasn’t only work with Boo on the new single “F--k Boy” but is contributing to a majority of her project’s production.

The Memphis native producer has produced for such names as T.I. (Paper Trail), Kanye West, Nelly, Young Jeezy (“Put On” ft. Kanye), Soulja Boy Tell ’em, Ludacris, Plies, Yung Joc, Rick Ross, Rocko, Lil Jon and more.

Watch the video of Gangsta Boo’s new video blog ‘F-uck Boy’ ft. Drumma Boy.


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  1. What I don’t understand is everybody including Rocko’s wack a-s have managed to blow u with the help of Drumma Boy this chick has like 10 songs produced by him and none of them have managed to fizzle? I think she is cool but obviously I am the only one she needs to try sumthin new or improvise for real no hating just being real

  2. quit hatin on gangsta boo.she been around 4 u f--k niggaz that aint know. babyboo do ya thang damn wat a hater say!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Lol um JaQuel to really be honest with ya I don’t see how Trina really could beat Gangsta Boo. She a lyricist. Trina commercial and she always talking bout sex she can’t get on this gangsta s--t that boo. You mfs better get ready for Boo that’s all I got to say and oh yeah Alizee that girl hot.

  4. Boo is more relevant today than ever I think. Plus, she’s really the only one out of the group who’s music has continued to grow and you can see that growth with each album.

  5. Trina could show her up any day and thats image wise and song wise. She has not put out anything since like 2000 that would make anybody respect her. Rap appeals to the young generation, we got respect for our elders but damn…snoop,cube, and dre are the only rapper that can get away with rappin at the age of 40 and still be respected.

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