Former Three 6 Mafia affiliate, Indo G, Speaks On New Album

Recently caught up with Memphis rapper and former Three 6 Mafia affiliate, Indo G for a brief interview.

Recently caught up with Memphis rapper and former Three 6 Mafia affiliate, Indo G, of the once popular duo “Indo G and Lil Blunt”.

Meanwhile, back in the game with a new single, Purple Drank, and under the same titled album, “Purple Drank” which was released on October 30th, 2007, Indo G tells that he is the same ol’ dude and in Indo’s own words “ain’t s--t changed.”

The album “Purple Drank” features La Chat, Gangsta Boo, PB Memphis, Yung Kee, Miscellaneous, amongst others.

“This is my first solo album since the album ‘Angel Dust’ (1998), but I’ve done a few independent group albums and compilations though,” Indo G told

“One of my favorite tracks was ‘Real Hustle’ because I was feelin the beat and tempo,” Indo continues.

The album “Purple Drank” features production by Montana Trax, Drum Squad, and Big Phil.

Being that Indo G is a southern artist, and so many are wondering how southern artists feel about the recent T.I. case and how it is affecting the whole Southern game, ( thought it was appropriate to ask Indo G how he felt about the situation:

“Mayne, the ‘dude’ set him (T.I.) up. That’s how I feel about it. You gotta watch who you have around you… they’ll do yo a-s in,” Indo says bluntly in the recent phone conversation with

When asked if there was anyone in particular he would have liked to have worked with on the album, “Purple Drank,” Indo replied “Mayne, while you mention it, I would say T.I. because I just feel we could do something nice together but that’s a money thang and probably Yung Joc, because he straight bumping right now.”

In related news, when asked about the Indo G and Lil Blunt duo, and why haven’t we seen the other half of the duo, Indo informed that Lil Blunt is currently serving time in prison and it’s too soon to say if there will be an Indo G and Lil Blunt reunion.

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