Rob Bironas Titans killed after road rage
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Former Tennessee Titans Rob Bironas Dead After Road Rage Incident With Belmont Students

Rob Bironas Titans killed after road rage

A former NFL kicker of the Tennessee Titans named Rob Bironas has died after allegedly being involved in two separate road rage incidents with a couple and some students of Belmont University in Nashville.

The initial apparent road rage came from a 911 call by a woman who claimed a man they didn’t know was just involved in a road rage incident with them. The woman claims a white SUV tried to merge into the lane with them, swerving back and forth before eventually getting behind them revving the engine of the SUV.

The woman says that after they moved off the road to let the SUV pass by, they received a “crazy” look from the man gazing at them who then drove off at a high rate speed as her husband got out of the car. After waiting a few moments, the couple continued down the road where they noticed a crash.

It was later revealed by two Belmont students that they too were involved in a road rage incident believed to be the same person, Rob Bironas.

While not all details are in and some are sketchy, apparently, Rob Bironas was involved in two alleged road rage incidents which ended in the fatal crash that killed Rob Bironas near his home in Nashville.

Another road rage incident allegedly Belmont students.

Reportedly, two students of Belmont University told the Tennessean newspaper that Bironas had threatened to kill them and their friends after they told him about a burning smell coming from his SUV, a 2009 GMC Yukon.

After the threat, which was allegedly made by Bironas, the Belmont students claim that Bironas tried to ram them with the SUV.

The students weren’t aware that the NFL player was killed until hearing about it later after reporting him trying to run them off the road to 911.

Rob Bironas, who died after crashing off the road in to a drainage culvert, was a kicker for the Titans from 2005 – 2013.

It was in June that Bironas married country singer Rachel Bradshaw, the daughter of NFL hall of famer, Terry Bradshaw.

Reportedly, Rob Bironas’ wife claims that he left the house about an hour before his fatal crash without telling her and he was not intoxicated from her knowledge, but had a drink of beer earlier, though many speculated that he was intoxicated at the time of the road rage incidents.

Oddly, people are questioning why Bironas’ wife had reportedly called police to say her husband was missing after just an hour of being gone just before the accident.

Police claim to have found no alcohol or drugs and are awaiting the toxicology report which will determine whether or not Bironas was intoxicated or under the influence of drugs.

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