Photo of Rudy Gay and Drake - Toronto Raptors
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Former Memphis Grizzlies NBA Star Rudy Gay Calls Drake A “Sapper” Not A Rapper

Photo of Rudy Gay and Drake - Toronto Raptors

NBA star Rudy Gay, who was traded from the Memphis Grizzlies to the Toronto Raptors early this year, recently referred to rapper Drake as not a rapper, but a sapper.

Gay was asked about his new team and their involvement in hip hop culture in an attempt to rebrand through their partnership with Drake, who’s now a Toronto Raptors executive, a “global ambassador” for the team, a face, a business partner, a consultant, among other things, established to give the team a makeover, so to speak.

When asked about Drake and “the synergy of his music and the NBA” with “brand,” Rudy Gay had the following to say:

That’s what it is – it’s a brand. It’s all pop culture – athletes, entertainers. What is he – a singer or a rapper? A sapper?

Gay says he thinks “it’s good for the city and for the fans” but for them – the team – it doesn’t [allow] them to work any less.

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Watch the video of Rudy Gay talking about Drake, Toronto Raptors partnership, and the 2016 NBA All-star Game:

Rudy Gay talks Drake – Toronto Raptors partnership & 2016 NBA all-star game

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