Florida Mom Pimps 6 Yr Old Daughter for Drugs; Saved By Homeless Man

A mother of a 6 year old girl in Florida was recently arrested and accused of pimping her 6 year old daughter out to multiple men trading sexual favors with the little girl in return for drugs and money.

Dalina Nicholas, 39, was busted on a warrant in Columbus, Georgia after a police investigation began of a woman allegedly allowing men to sexually abuse her 6 year old daughter in return for drugs.

According to a Jacksonville Beach Police report, a homeless man sparked the investigation after reportedly flagging down a police cruiser and alerting the officers of the alleged abuse. The homeless man revealed that he knew of a young girl being sexually abused by several men, which later the young girl was identified as Nicholas’ daughter.

The homeless man said he witnessed Nicholas using drugs, and claimed the sexual abuse of the girl had been going on for about 2 years adding that he was once present when Nicholas allegedly accepted $20 before telling her daughter to get naked and lay on a living room mattress so that one of the men could have oral sex with her.

The daughter reportedly confided in the homeless man asking him (the witness) to “help her make it stop.”

Initially, when confronted at her Jacksonville Beach apartment, Nicholas denied the accusations of sexual abuse, saying she herself had been abused as a child, so she would know if her daughter was.

Nicholas daughter however detailed multiple accounts of sexual abuse in her home with various men to the police.

Nicholas’ mother, Debbie Morgan, denies the abuse of her granddaughter as well claiming her granddaughter told her that Nicholas was the one being abused by the drug dealers in her home and was a prisoner to them. Police found no evidence of this claim.

Three men – Quinn Brooks, 56, John Hagans, 47, and Norman Thompson, 51 – have all been identified as abusers of the girl, and have been charged with capital sexual battery.

Anyone with information on this crime is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 866-845-TIPS.

Dalina Nicholas, Quinn Brooks, John Hagans, and Norman Thompson

(l. to r.) Dalina Nicholas, 39, Quinn Brooks, 56, John Hagans, 47, and Norman Thompson, 51, arrested on charges of sexual abuse of Nicholas’ 6 year old daughter, authorities say.

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