Father Who Shot Daughter’s Laptop Over Facebook Saved Her Data First: Details

The North Carolina father, known all over the internet as “the dad who shot his daughter’s laptop over a Facebook post,” says he saved his 15 year old daughter’s data before he pumped bullets into it on a video he posted on YouTube, as reported on

Tommy Jordan was planning to teach his teen daughter and the world a lesson after he found a Facebook post by his troubled teen cursing him and her mother. How did he plan to teach the lesson? He made a video of himself reading her Facebook post before shooting round after rounds of bullets into her laptop!

In an appearance on NBC’s Today Show, Jordan surprised his daughter and viewers when he revealed that he saved the computer’s hard drive before shooting it up and presented the data to his daughter telling her to hold onto it until she gets a new laptop.

Despite the seemingly irrational incident, Amy, Jordan’s wife, says her husband and father of their teen daughter is very intelligent and thoughtful and “rarely does anything without thinking it through” though she does “think he overreacted a little bit.”

As far as the daughter, she has written an apology to her parents, but still is restricted from her Facebook.

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