Rylee eye saved thanks to Facebook friends

Facebook Pic of 3 Yr Old’s Glowing Eye Leads to Memphis Clinic’s Diagnosis of Rare Disease

Rylee eye saved thanks to Facebook friends

A 3 year-old toddler girl named Rylee, with a glowing eye, had her eyesight possibly saved from blindness by the Baptist Eye Clinic in Memphis, TN after she was diagnosed with a rare eye condition when a picture her mother posted on Facebook was spotted by friends.

Rylee’s mom, Tara Taylor, shared a picture like most parents do of her daughter with a “yellow” eye that seemed to glow in the photo. It was discovered that the glowing eye was actually due to a rare condition called Coats disease, a condition that causes abnormal development of blood vessels behind the eye retina.

If left untreated, Coats disease, which causes the yellow glowing eye during its second stage, could lead to sight issues and even blindness.

Thanks to Tara Taylor’s friends on Facebook who told her that it could be just the flash of the camera but also could be something wrong with Rylee’s eye, her mother decided to contact a pediatrician then an eye specialist which led to the discovery of her condition.

According to WREG, Taylor is very grateful for her friends who pointed out that her glowing eye could possibly be a problem because she says she had no indication that her daughter had any problem before her friends warned her.

Rylee’s treatment has her on a good path which Taylor says she practices gymnastics and can even walk a balance beam.

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