“Hip-Hop Is Not Your Enemy”

Thursday night at the Civil Rights Museum, people gathered to show support and get insight from Dr. Kenneth T. Whalum Jr., who is the author of “Hip Hop Is Not Our Enemy.” Dr. Whalum was reaching out to parents and the adult community to not shun Hip-Hop but to embrace it. Stating, if we are going to reach and understand the youth of today then we have to get on their level.

Not loving the youth and what they love, pushes children away from the church and into the streets. Whalum says, “The Devil is in church!” The people who outcast the youth in church because they listen to hip-hop are running them away instead of loving them for who they are. Children won’t feel comfortable in a church if they don’t feel love.

One artist who knows this to be true is Holy Hip-Hop artist Mr.Del, who came up with Three 6 Mafia and then converted to a new music which takes Hip-Hop music and turns it into a positive, spiritual message.

Mr. Del supports Dr. Whalum because he says, “he supported me as an artist.” Of course, Dr. Whalum and Mr. Del are still condemned for their efforts in uniting Hip-Hop music with the churches but their new way of delivering the message is catching on quick. It’s a simple message, if you want the youth to go to church and respect their elders, then give them something they can relate to.

Dr. Kenneth Whalum will be promoting his book all year and he will also be on another panel preaching his good word at the Memphis Hip-Hop Weekend Conferences September 2nd along with Mr. Del. Join the movement and show your support!

Hip Hop Is Not Your Enemy

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