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Emotional Incest: He’s Your Son, Not Your Man!

We’ve seen it much too often. The mother who will ‘rip into’ the daughter, but will make every excuse for the son. Or how about the son that’s acting like he’s your man?

Yes, we know there’s nothing sexual at all, so why call it ‘incest’?

Ever heard of ’emotional abuse’ that isn’t ‘physical’ but leads to stress, anxiety, depression in a person’s life and more?

Well, ’emotional incest’ doesn’t typically involve getting ‘physical’ either but is considered a form of ’emotional abuse’ and can lead to issues with self-esteem, addiction, emotional intimacy and can even invoke anger or guilt towards the parent.

Ever seen a son act almsot as if he’s the mother’s man and get jealous when a man becomes attracted to her or how about even a mother that seems jealous when he interacts with girls or young ladies?

The reason we see these ‘common’ mixed ’emotional roles’ is because some mothers simply need to stop being a wife or girlfriend to their sons, and start being a mother. Stop treating your sons like he’s your husband or boyfriend, he is your son.

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