Education, Who Is In Control?

Education was a highly respected profession; it still is today except to students.

Education the guaranteed route to a successful future, has been dismembered and snubbed for too long. If someone asks a teacher they would say, “Oh I’m just a teacher.” When in actuality teachers produce doctors, and lawyers.

Students don’t respect their current teacher. Some will snort disrespectful comments to teachers ignoring the fact that they have feelings too. Parental involvement is limited and most students speak to their guardians without regard that they are their caretakers. Some teachers demand respect and receive it while others ask for it and wait for the students to decide.

Educators have to teach students life and social skills or the book knowledge is useless.

Educators must teach our ill mannered youth humanistic behavior or we will have rude, disrespectful adults who hurl insults and make excuses at every occasion.

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