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Drumma Boy Talks Memphis Hip Hop, Jookin, Working With Chris Brown, Yo Gotti and More

Drumma Boy

Music producer Drumma Boy, who has been reportedly enjoying the Memphis Grizzlies playoffs along with other rappers such as Yo Gotti and Lil Wayne, as reported on, recently spoke on Memphis, hip hop, revealed he’s working with Chris Brown, talked about his relationship with Yo Gotti and more.

“Yea I got a lot of different tapes I’m working on… ‘Clash of the Titans’ with DJ Paul… ‘Welcome to My City Part 3,’ its going to come out with a DVD documentary.. I’m working on Chris Brown’s project.. Jeezy, 2 Chainz, Rick Ross.. stuff like that,” says Drumma to

Drumma Boy also revealed how he developed a friendship and working relationship with Yo Gotti, early on in his career, giving the rapper and businessman props claiming simply “Gotti understands the game.”

“Man you know we pretty much came up together. When I moved out to Cordova, Tennessee, Gotti was one of the first artist that I was hearing about in his hood. I would be selling tapes in the mall and street cats was talking about his music and I ended up getting his number, I rolled through the hood and I bumped into him and played him some beats.. He told me he wanted this one and that one, I told him how much and he pulled the money out of his pocket and paid me on the spot. Some people try to just hear the beats for entertainment or something and they aren’t about that business. He’s a dude that’s about his business if he respects what you do and he was just about his business. Regardless of if you come from the trap or if you come from the court playing ball, as long as you understand the game, and that’s one things cats don’t do. Gotti understands the game.”

Drumma then discussed the hip hop culture of Memphis that many are unfamiliar about including even Lil Wayne.

“Theres a whole another world to Memphis, you see the skateboarding. You see Lil’ Wayne dipped in here, yesterday he was at the game, and we were hollerin’ at him, asking him if there were skate parks out here and we were just putting him on points of the city that just aren’t really known… There’s different parts of the city that aren’t really known and people mostly think its like ‘First 48,’ and the negative side, the hard violence side. It’s close to murder capital, but thats one thing the Grizzlies, me and Yo Gotti and so many of the different rappers that’s from the city are doing to better the city. We’re positively giving back and showing a different side..”

Then making reference to Memphis’ dance culture, Drumma mentioned one of the hip hop dances spun in Memphis – Memphis Jookin.

“There’s player style events with artistic paintings being crafted during parties, and it’s just a whole eclectic side that people don’t know about. I think the whole world has always known about our music talents, but there’s a whole other side like choreographers, videographers, the arts and crafts world, on the reality show side of things, the film side of things too. Judge Mathis is doing a reality TV show on BET. The dance side is the biggest side of things that people don’t know about, ‘Memphis jookin.’ So the city is really growing and there’s a lot of things that are coming into perspective”

Early on in his conversation with the hip hop site, Drumma claims he was also working on some movie scores.

“I’m doing a lot of movie sound scores. I did a movie called ‘Holla II,’ I’m doing ‘Blood First.’ I’m doing a lot of different things that I haven’t done before. I’ve been on the mic hosting, DJing and trying to take things to that next level… I scored the scary movie in 14 days, and it was just a matter of time frame, understanding your budget, your access to musicians etcetera…”

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