Home 3D Animation film by Dreamworks

DreamWorks New 3D Animation Brings ‘Cute’ Girl To Screen With Rihanna As Voiceover

Home 3D Animation film by Dreamworks

Animation studio DreamWorks, the creators of some of the most loved animated films to date, is set to bring a cute little star to the screen featuring Rihanna as the voice.

Tip, the curly head little head girl featured on a promotional image released by DreamWorks Animation, will be reportedly be voiced by the Barbadian superstar singer Rihanna in the upcoming 3D computer-animated film Home.

The story goes that Boov, an alien race, as seen in the video trailer, is scouring the galaxy seeking for a new place to call home.

In the film they practically exhaust their resources in their failed attempts to find a new home until seemingly almost by accident they discover earth.

The new discovery leads to Boov taking over the planet that we call home with all human race relocated except for little Tip (Rihanna), who manages to avoid capture by the Boov and befriends a banished alien by the name of Oh (voiced by Jim Parsons).

Rihanna isn’t the only star set to voice in the film. Little Tip’s mother will be voiced by Jennifer Lopez as well as Steve Martin will be the voice of Boov’s alien leader Captain Smek.

The 3D animated film Home, which is based on a book “The True Meaning of Smekday” by Adam Rex, is set to release in theaters November 26, 2014.

Check out the promotional video for Home entitled “Almost Home.”

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