Does Heterosexual or Homosexual relationships effect the youth

Is it okay to have homosexual couples in society? Is heterosexual relationships the only way to go, and is it simply right verse wrong? These questions have come into the households of many Americans and the society as a whole. The number of homosexual relationships has grown over the past twenty years to reach the point they are at today. It is now legal to marry homosexual couples in a number of states in America. Years ago, no one would have thought we would reach this point.

It began with females showing interaction in homosexual activities now it has reached the men. More men are coming out of the closet, as they say, to the world, before they would engage in these activities in secretly. It is hard to determine what made the change in the way homosexual couples interacted, but it has reached the point where you will see men holding hands in public. That raises a question, is it okay for women to show their affection towards other women and not for men to do the same? The increase of male homosexual activity is to some what raised the interest of the government and the rest of the country. Before men showed their affection in public most of society did not care that women did it.

These questions raise an even more important question; how does heterosexual and homosexual relationships effect the youth? Does growing up in a heterosexual household effect the way children will live their lives? If a child had a homosexual parent, would that lead to that child becoming sexually active with someone of the same sex? These questions are a few that have led to the government placing limitations on homosexual activity. However, they have allowed some states to make it legal for same sex marriages. Right or wrong, one of the major issues is how it will effect the next generation of Americans. The youth are very impressionable and by allowing same sex marriages, it gives them the impression that it is healthy. What do you think, how do you feel about same sex marriages? Check your state laws because it just may be legal.

— Rodrice

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