Daniele Watts and Brian BeLive Lucas in car
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‘Django Unchained’ Actress Detained By Police, Mistaken As Prostitute After Car Sex With Husband?

Daniele Watts and Brian BeLive Lucas in car

Danièle Watts aka Danielle, an actress from the movie “Django Unchained,” reportedly claims she was detained by police in San Fernando Valley after they mistook her for being a prostitute right after kissing her hubby, celebrity chef Brian ‘Be’ Live’ Lucas.

The Django Unchained actress claims the incident was allegedly due to racism and she was also abused by the police when she was being handcuffed.

Denying to offer the officers her identification, Watts was handcuffed leaving a bruise and cut on her arm apparently caused from the handcuffs.

Being that Brian is, in his own words, a ‘tatted up rocker white boy’ and his girl, in his own words, is a ‘hot booty shorted black girl,’ the couple believes that Danielle was targeted for racism.

After kissing, Danielle walked away, and the actress was reportedly confronted by cops a short distance away where she was brought back to the scene of an alleged prostitution transaction.

While the couple says they were just kissing, witnesses according to TMZ, claim the couple had sex in a car before police arrived, who were responding to a 911 call of ‘indecent exposure.’

The couple has reportedly obtained a lawyer and is threatening to pursue legal action for the incident with the LAPD.

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