Gangsta Boo, Ashlee Ray, DJ Paul - ThisIs50 Interview
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DJ Paul, Gangsta Boo Clear Up Hip-Hop Rumors, Talk Juicy J, Crunchy Black (VIDEO)

Gangsta Boo, Ashlee Ray, DJ Paul - ThisIs50 Interview

Memphis rap artists DJ Paul and Gangsta Boo, of Da Mafia 6ix, reveal whether they had an intimate relationship (bumped uglies), the well-being of Crunchy Black and more in an interview with ThisIs50’s interviewer Ashlee Ray.

DJ Paul, who is always entertaining and gave out a burp during his interview, mostly humored us with his responses as Boo talked about having tunnel vision when it comes to other rap artists.

The two agreed that the current rap game is “whack” and that they rarely even listen to any rap at all.

When Gangsta Boo and DJ Paul was asked what do they listen to, Boo blurted out Alanis Morissette as her choice of music listening pleasure alongside old Three 6 Mafia.

DJ Paul, on the other hand, said he enjoyed 70’s-80’s Rock and Soul music.

As the pair sat representing Da Mafia 6ix clan, they talked about Koopsta Knicca singing being like Chucky whispering his infamous spell. The conversation suddenly veers toward DJ Paul’s p---s size being like a Subway sandwich.

The rapper says, “It’s the length of a six and the width of a twelve inch” after Gangsta Boo says her homegirl knew exactly what DJ Paul has to offer.

Check out the interview.

DJ Paul & Gangsta Boo Clear Rumors; Juicy J; Crunchy Black

Thisis50 & Ashlee Ray recently spoke with DJ Paul & Gangsta Boo for an exclusive interview! They speak on their relationship rumors, Da Mafia 6ix, Crunchy Black, Juicy J going solo, the female era of hp-hop now, what they listen to now, new project “6ix Commandments” & much more!

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