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DJ Paul Confirms, ”Lord Infamous Is Still a Part of Three 6 Mafia”

Hypnotize Minds’ DJ Paul of Three 6 Mafia has answered what many fans were wandering, “Was Lord Infamous kicked out of Three 6 Mafia?”

“As far as Lord, I’m still working on that and Lord was never kicked out the group, so don’t think Lord was kicked out the group, Lord is still a part of Three 6 Mafia,” revealed DJ Paul.

“He helped build Three 6 Mafia, and create Three 6 Mafia… Lord was just going through some thangs, and he had to get that together. He got it together now.. we finna be back in the lab working,” Paul added.

As previously reported in an article about Lord Infamous, the rapper and co-founder of Three 6 Mafia, spoke in an interview with about it as well. Though many fans and media were questioning the loyalty of the rapper and his connection to the group Three 6 Mafia and his brother, Lord actually mentioned himself back in November of 2008 that, “Paul still my brother and there is some more with me & Three 6 Mafia.”

Now that DJ Paul has confirmed it as well, there should be no more doubts. So the rapper moved on to talking about his upcoming solo project, album Scale-A-Ton, which is Paul’s latest solo album since dropping “Underground Vol. 16: For Da Summa” back in 2002.

Paul confirmed a previous report that Hypnotize Camp Posse’s own DJ Black would be working the dragged and chopped version of the album “Scale-A-Ton” and goes into what type of music will be on the album which according to Paul will be mainly, “Sex, Money, Murder and Drugs.”

“As far as the album, it’s scary music on there. All gangster sh-t, the album is mainly ‘sex, money, murder and drugs’..,” stated Paul. “That’s all the f-ck I know.. to talk about anyway,” he added.

Previous to mentioning Lord Infamous, and the album, Paul also put a ‘roll call’ out to his fans to holla at him to ‘get a drank’ with him when he comes to their town but he first wants the fans to tell him where he should come.

Paul then ended with confirmation that his new album is coming May 5, 2009, also as previously reported.

The first single off of DJ Paul’s album “Scale-A-Ton” is entitled Jus Like Dat???.

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  1. yo it ya boi mike p keepin it gutta in da baton rouge area so hit me up 225 200 9237 we can do it big get a couple drinks an I rapper 2 so maybe u can gie me a shot

  2. Dj Paul..
    im a bigg fan of you an dem three 6 mafia crew
    my favorite song frm you is
    “still getting my d--k sucked”
    hha best f-----g song ever
    hit me up

  3. whats good paul? i know that album is going to be bangin and i cant wait to hear it but when are you going to do a song with some westcoast artist? that s--t would be some fire…get at me if you want a westcoast collabo

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